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週休4日制に備える筋肉ブログ 久保田嶺 WORK OUT


武蔵藤沢駅ラーメン おおた屋 Noodle&riceball









It is here if you eat ramen at my station Musashi Fujisawa Station. Close to the west entrance for 30 seconds. Oota shop.

I think that it was originally operated as a rice ball, but to a ramen shop unexpectedly. However, its remnants are firm and there are lots of rice balls on the menu.
Please eat rice balls without fail. Rice balls rather than ramen.
Soy sauce ramen + rice balls.
People who came to Musashi Fujisawa station by going to the station for the first time on weekends 4 days! If you eat rice balls it is here! It is!


Im body Jinさんの背中トレ最強!Back day!







I was looking forward to the day on my back today.
Because Jin, my favorite muscle person, wanted to quickly try the rappel down that I recommended on YouTube!

As a result, I pumped up. The best.

People who start a trailing back on the 4th weekend should definitely check this video! It is!



ACL見放題アプリ 懂球帝 ACL watching easily!








The Asian Champions League is a huge ass. Money is gathering. Especially the Shanghai upper port is harsh. too strong.
My favorite Hulk.
Even in the game with Urawa Reds the day before yesterday, a big explosion showed the difference in dimension.
You can watch such an intense ACL for free with this application. The live comics are in Chinese but lol
Emperor Tomb
Let's make the dream come true with this application if you are planning to watch ACL on weekends 4th! It is!

アグリドローン!Agriculture drone!






Agri drones are amazing. It is a work of Optim and Saga Prefecture + Saga University. If there is even this it is unmanned and a thing that can remove pests to pinpoint!

Agriculture is definitely recommended for holidays 4 days a week and agriculture will be entertainment so it's great to be on weekends 4th holiday! It is!



ロボットAI農業! Robot agriculture!






A great future of "Robot AI Agriculture" from Japan
I am reading. Reduction of working time in the cover band by 90%, It seems to be realized in the future with technological innovation by Maji!
Even though the number of holidays increases on the 4th of a weekly holiday, the machine grows food without permission on the day of rest, so it is safe! It is!


日清食品ラ王 油そば!Noodle!!







Oil of Nissin Food 's L' Oil Soba is too strong!
Discover what is listed on the Nissin Food Laden HP if you make it and you make a huge horse If this is the case, you can eat 5 eggs.
Let's get hungry on the muscle training after 4 days of weekdays and have people eat this and go to Bang Bang Degas! It is!

自動運転車を自作!Make an automatic driving car yourself








Automatic driving car seems to be created by oneself! This news

Http://www.gizmodo.jp/2017/03/college-student-made-his-honda-civic-self-driving-for-700dollars.html?utm_source= rss20&utm_medium=rss


It seems American students have turned Honda's Civic into automatic driving at 80,000 yen! Plastic model sensation w

People who are on weekdays 4 days in an automated driving society can only create their own automatic driving vehicles on the day off! It is!