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I went to Fuji TV with a foot I went to the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation yesterday! Then a street fighter 's e - sports tournament was held at Fuji TV' s first floor! E - sports excited!
However, I was sorry that I could not take pictures. I wanted to post the excitement of e-sports on this blog.

Although I could not take pictures, the e - sports' s excitement is certain, so those who have been on weekdays 4 days will be keen on the game and will aim at professional!

日本科学未来館!National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation







A place where people who want to feel the future definitely go
I went to the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation!
However, I have only seen the "9 dimensional man" seen in the theater in the Miraikan without time and only the globe made of organic EL display called Geo - Cosmos! Still it is satisfactory. On the way back you can see the night view of Odaiba and you can also ride Yurikumigami of the first unmanned driving.
It is recommended that people who are looking for fun on weekends 4 days get messed up! It is!


QBハウス!QB house!!






I went to QB House Iruma a while ago. I was disgusted. Although it is lunchtime on weekdays it is very crowded.
But if QB House you have five people in front of you soon your turn will be coming so there is no problem! It is amazing how much it costs 1080 yen. Moreover, it can not take time because it ends in 10 minutes.
If you want to go for a short hair when you start training muscle 4 days a week, you have to go to the QB house! It is!










Muscle The new star following Jin was born in the YouTube world!
It is Mr. Sharamu food fighter overwhelming bulker!
Everyone is caught in the gap between this appearance and talking!
Everyone who is aiming for bulker on weekends 4th is mandatory check! It is!


蔵人 日本酒マンガ! SAKE MANGA!






A man who likes liquor is overwhelming It is reading the recommended manga "Kuran"! It is a Japanese sake cartoon set in the sake brewery and pub in Matsuyama in Shimane prefecture.

I like alcohol so much, but I sometimes drink, but I am reading this and I am completely a fan of sake. I also took dinner today.
It would be better to read absolutely who is enjoying drinks on weekends 4 days absolutely! There is no doubt that view on sake will change!

正月とか雨の日こそジム!!Rainyday is gymday!








When I was living in Shanghai, I love muscle training I wanted muscle training at the Chinese New Year 's New Year' s Day New Year, so I was looking for an open gym.
Then, I was surprised, there were only Muscles and the big boys! Well, everyone who comes to the gym until New Year 's muscle training is going to be big!
And today Saitama is quite heavy rain, but I went to the gym! Although it was heavy rain I was crowded! Great! People who came to the gym during the heavy rain today will definitely become big!
People who made a gym debut with a weekly four-day system, should visit the gym on New Year's Day and rainy days! There are lots of people who are not amicable over there! Let me tell you!







Bokuma! The used book 's flea market app is the best. It is possible to exhibit it easily in a system that reads a barcode with a smart camera. Recently I found myself wanting to check Mercari and Bugma and then I will buy it. And when I read it I also sell it with Bugma. If you succeed in this, you can read books almost free of charge!
Those who are planning to read books on weekends 4 days are required checks! It is!